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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack 2020

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack 2020
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According to our latest researches, all fans of this amazing Harry Potter game had a lot of frustrations because of the waiting times. All players were unable to complete the required challenges and have real fun because they need to wait 7-8 hours especially for energy. And the only way to get energy is to buy it from the store with games, and of course, with real money.

But not anymore!

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Introduction to Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack 2020
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Are you ready to join the world’s best magic university of witchcraft and wizardry? The most anticipated mobile game is currently trending in the world and all Harry Potter fans are already putting on their digital robes and uncovering the mysteries at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry.

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Getting Started With Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats
Everything You Need To Know To Get Ahead In The Game

harry potter hogwarts mystery hack android ios

When you first start playing the game you will be asked to create your own customizable character avatar. You can choose to be either a witch or a wizard. There is also an option to connect your account to Facebook, but we don’t recommend using it because it will fetch your details and may customize your character badly.

The best way is to spend a little time and customize your character manually, with the right skin color, face appearance, hair etc. There are a lot of options here, but you don’t need to go through each one, just choose what works best for you. Take note that some features will not be accessible until you pass higher levels in the game.

Getting Your First Wand from Ollivanders

You as a new wizard (or witch) need to get your first wand from the Ollivanders. On this place, you can see all kinds of magic wands such as:  Hornbeam Wand, Apple Wood Wand, Maplewood Wand etc. But as the story tells, you don’t choose the wand, the wand chooses you. So, after trying a couple of wands, you will finally get your own magic wand from Ollivanders. Once you get the wand, you will go and meet your new friend.

With that being done, Chapter 1 will be completed at this point. As a reward you will you will get 50 coins 100 XP, but that doesn’t really matter for you because today you will be getting unlimited coins and diamonds with our working Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack.

We can notice that the game has a total of 10 chapters available for completing, so there is a lot to go further ahead. The levels tend to be hard and frustrating, but that’s why our Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheat comes to help you along the way.

Completing Story Task Lessons For Getting Free Gems

As you are playing in each chapter you will get some story tasks lessons. These lessons need to be completed in order to earn some resources. But the bad news is, it takes a lot of time. For example, in the first story task lesson, there is a task to learn the Lumos. You need to attend the class where the instructor teaches how to perform the Lumos. Once he’s done teaching the lesson, you need to perform the Lumos task in front of him. If you are able to successfully complete the lesson at first (which takes some time), you will get as little as 5 gems.

There are also some other kinds of activities you can perform to get rewards in form of coins, gems or energy bars, but as we mentioned it may take forever just to get a few coins or gems.

That’s the reason why our Harry Potter hack can help you speed up the process and get a lot more resources in just 5 minutes, completely for FREE (without performing tedious tasks).

Rewards, Levels and Attribute Points In Harry Potter Game

By completing the activities and lessons in the game, you will advance to the next level. If you won’t use our Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack tool, it would be more difficult to proceed to the next level. Take note that the new levels bring some new rewards and cool items that can be unlocked and collected.

There are 3 attributes in the game known as:

  • knowledge,
  • courage,
  • empathy.

We recommend you to try and collect them wherever possible.

Get Unlimited Energy In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
(The Easy & Hard Way)

harry potter hogwarts mystery hack 2019 coins and gems

By having a proper amount of energy in the Harry Potter game (as the most important resource) you can easily complete the quests and earn a lot of coins. The energy resource can help you unlock many new cool accessories for your avatar and complete advanced quests.

However, the energy is a very limited resource, and unless you are using our Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack online 2019, you can have a very difficult time passing your quests. The developers have made the energy levels to slowly refresh (once on every six hours) and you’ll need a lot of patience to get enough energy supply to advance in the game.

However, today we will show you the easy and the hard way to get unlimited energy in the Harry Potter game. The easy way is, of course, using our free hack for Harry Potter, but the hard way of getting unlimited requires using a few secrets that we found in the game:

  1. To unlock more energy points, you can tap on the painting with a woman wearing white. You can find this painting in East
  2. Another way to get more free energy is by tapping on the wand laying around in the Castle Grounds.
  3. To get some additional energy, click on the painting with flowers which can be found next to the Prefects’ Bathroom (in the West Towers).
  4. By tapping on the torch to the right of the door to the Great Hall you can get more free energy points. You can find it in the Lower floor – West Towers.
  5. Another secret way for getting free energy is by tapping on the 3 suits of armor on the Lower floor West (it’s located to the right of the Great Hall).
  6. The last secret way that we found for some free energy is by talking to the House Elf in the dungeons.

Earning Easy House Points

The reward for winning the House Cup gives you 100 gems. However, in order to make sure your house is in the running, you will need to earn house points! Right now, we will give you a couple of easy ways to win House Points in the game to jump-start your progress:

  • Complete Quests
  • Succeed in lectures
  • Make dialogue choices that are in line with your house’s guiding principles
  • Avoid being rude.
  • Develop friendships.

Fast & Simple Way To Earn Gems In Harry Potter Game

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack Gems Free

Before starting your journey for completing the tasks and earning free gems, you need to have a couple of things in mind.

Each house in Hogwarts has its own honorable history. Each of the houses has provided amazing wizards and witches that defend the Hogwarts castle from all kind of evil.

The story in the game tells us that in the past few years there has been some great news about lifting the weight from the world.  That is the safety of the wonder boy who lived, Harry Potter.

The young Harry is not present in the Hogwarts right now, but in a few years, he will be old enough to attend Hogwarts and make it a better place. Until then, it’s your turn!

Remember, while studying in Hogwarts, your triumphs will generate you extra house points and gems, while any misbehavior or breaking the rules will lose you house points. These house points are most important for the end of the year when the house with most points will be awarded a House Cap (which is the greatest honor).

Obviously, the best and fastest way to earn unlimited gems is by using our free Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack for Android & iOS. However, if you choose the harder way of earning gems, today we have some Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery tips and tricks that can help you get some extra gems. Note that gems are essential for getting more energy and unlocking quests. That’s why gems are the extremally valuable in the game. Here are just a couple of ways to earn more gems:

  • Learn new spells
  • Learn new potions
  • Choose gems over energy points when completing a quest
  • Level up
  • Win the house cup
  • Raise your friendship level

Stay with us till the end, because later we will cover these Harry Potter methods in much more details.

The Cheats In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery That Actually Work In 2019

harry potter hogwarts mystery free hack 2019

With over millions of Harry Potter fans worldwide that are trying to become the best wizard or witch in the game, we are not surprised that so many people are looking for a working Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack or cheat. We’ve got a lot of requests for making such hack, and today it’s finally up and running, ready for use for anyone who wants to get unlimited coins and gems.

However, if for some reason you don’t want to use our hack, we’ve also got a couple of Harry Potter tricks that can help you complete everything in this mystery game without spending any money. So either way, we’ve got you covered.

Harry Potter Tip #1 – Cheats For Earning Extra Free Energy In The Game

Within every level of the game, there is a free energy pack hidden somewhere.

As of the time we are writing this Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack guide, we’ve discovered a total of 10 free energy spots where the players can tap on to get free energy. Note that not all energy spots can be accessed from the very beginning of the game because they have to be unlocked later as you are progressing in the game.

Some of these energy bars can be used multiple times a day, while other energy bars can only be accessed once. You should check the mentioned places around the castle multiple times a day to see when new energy becomes available.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack guide

Remember that energy regenerates on average at every 6 hours and here are some spots where you can find the free energy packs:

  • East Towers
    • Tap on the first empty painting to the left of the Charms Classroom.
    • Tap Peeves the colorful Poltergeist that hangs out between the Astronomy Tower and Divination Classroom (by the ladder)
  • West Towers
    • Tap on the second flower painting (to the right of the Gryffindor Common Room).
  • Lower Floor – West
    • Tap the torch to the right of Great Hall entrance. The flame appears once the energy is claimed, but it disappears when new energy becomes available.
    • Tap on the middle suit of armor (the knight) to the right of the Great Hall. He holds the shield when you claim the energy. He holds a sword when new energy is available.
  • Lower Floor – East (will be unlocked in the second year)
    • Tap on the stack of books on the concrete bench between the Library and History of Magic Classroom. Once you claim the energy the books will be organized into a pile. When new energy becomes available the books will appear again.
  • Dungeons
    • Tap on the House Elf leaning against the wall in the entrance of the Kitchens. The Elf will run away when claimed. When new energy becomes available it will reappear.
  • Castle Grounds
    • Tap the stick on the ground in front of Hagrid’s Hut (and the dog will arrive to retrieve it). The stick disappears when you claim the energy and it will appear when new energy becomes available.
  • Forbidden Forest (available in the fourth year)
    • Click on the spiderweb located on the left of the Spider’s Lair.
  • Hogsmeade (will be unlocked in the third year)
    • Tap on the student on the sled in the first alley between The Three Broomsticks and Honeydukes. When you claim the energy, he will bobsled down the alley, and he will appear at the top of the alley when the new energy becomes available.

One quick note here!

It’s not possible to extend your energy bar, so avoid collecting the energy packs when you have full energy. We recommend saving the unused energy bars for later when you are running low on energy.

Also, take note that in each year you can discover brand-new locations that will available for exploring and getting free energy. For example:

  • In Year 2 will be unlocked Lower Floor (East).
  • In Year 3 will be unlocked Hogsmeade.
  • In Year 4 will be unlocked the Forbidden Forest.

Harry Potter Tip #2 – Watch The 30-Seconds Video Ads For Obtaining Free Gems

Another way for you to get free energy in the game is by watching ads. You will be given an opportunity to watch videos on every 12 hours. Each watched video (of around 30 seconds) will earn you 3 gems.

Sometimes during the day, there will appear an icon on the screen that tells you to watch some video in exchange for free gems.

This icon also can appear when you are running low with your energy supply.

If you don’t want to use our Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack app online (that can produce up to 999 gems per day), you will earn only 180 gems per month by doing this Harry Potter trick.

Harry Potter Tip #3 – Use Pets For Generating Extra Free Energy

Harry Potter Mystery Use Pets For Generating Free Energy

Investing in the pets in the Harry Potter Mystery game will be one of the best investments you’ll make in the game by using your gems. Pets can be only purchased with games and it’s the best investment you can make in the long run.

For example, you can take one pet with you on your quests in the game and make it a portable energy reserve. Other pets can be kept in your dormitory to sleep and take their produced energy packs periodically.

Another great feature when using the energy from pets is that they can help you regenerate the full energy. This is highly useful when you are playing some difficult quest that requires having a lot of energy.

Here’s how much energy you can get from the pets:

  • Owls allow you to get extra energy for you on every 3 hours.
  • Cats allow you to get extra energy for you on every 4.5 hours.
  • Rats allow you to get extra energy for you on every 6 hours.
  • Toads also allow you to get extra energy for you on every 6 hours.

You can get this energy packs only when you leave the pets to sleep in your dormitory. So just leave them to sleep and collect your energy as often as possible.

harry potter hogwarts mystery free energy pets

Let’s make some calculations and see how having a pet is highly affordable for you in the long run.

  • If you want to get an owl that will cost you 320 gems.
  • The owl will produce 8 energy packs per day.
  • If you want to by 60 energy it will cost you 100 gems.
  • So, you will pay off the owl after 40 days.
  • After 40 days, all energy packs you will earn per day from your owl are literally

That’s why we recommend to save your gems and buy the 4 different pets (instead of spending them on energy packs).

Harry Potter Tip #4 – Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hacks To Win The Yearly House Battle

At the end of every year if your house manages to get the most points it will be rewarded with 100 FREE gems. The gems can help you to buy pets more easily. Here are 3 effective ways to earn more house points:

  1. Complete Story Quests

The most obvious way to earn house points is by completing the main story quests as you are progressing through the main storyline in the game. You will be given rewards after certain quests but take note that sometimes the points can be taken away from you.

  1. Take Extra Classes

Probably the best possible way to earn extra points for your house is to be a good, hard-working student. Pretend you’re the famous Hermione Granger. Give your best to:

  • Attend extra classes (as much as you can),
  • Make those classes take longer, and
  • Get every star possible.

Note that classes and lessons are different things in the Hogwarts Mystery game:

  • Lessons are scripted events (where you learn charms or potions) that you must complete for progressing Lessons have a duration of around 3 hours.
  • Classes are not essential for completing in the game, but you can decide to take extra classes when they are offered to you at a certain time (which we highly recommend to do so). You can choose to take extra classes in Potions, Flying, Charms or whatever else you want. Those extra classes will help you not only to gain the necessary House Points but also to:
    • Get extra experience,
    • Earn extra money
    • Obtain extra gems,
    • Raise your stats.

Remember that the longer the class will be – the more House Points you will get:

  • Class of 1 hour grants you 2 House Points.
  • Class of 3 hours earns you 4 House Points.
  • Class of 8 hours will reward you with incredible 10 House Points (assuming you get all the stars).

It’s important to mention that these house points (acquired during the schoolwork) can be taken away from you. That can happen without your control (as the story progress), but that can also happen if you perform badly in the game.

However, there is always the working Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack you can use it 24/7 (and don’t worry about the missed resources).

  1. Choose Dialogue Best Suited To Your House Value

The third and effective way to obtain more House Points is by choosing the dialogues that best suits your house. Sometimes it would be so obvious which conversation to take that is best for your house, but most of the times you will be certain what to pick.

  • If you are in the Ravenclaw house, you need to pick a knowledgeable response.
  • If you are in the Gryffindor house, you need to pick a courageous
  • If you are in the Hufflepuff house, you need to pick a respectful
  • If you are in the Slytherin house, you need to pick a determined

In case you are not sure which answer corresponds to your house, you can check the color outlining the answer box.

Here are the Hogwarts house attributes for each house:

  • Ravenclaw – Intelligent and Witty.
  • Gryffindor – Brave and Daring.
  • Hufflepuff – Dedicated and Loyal.
  • Slytherin – Ambitious and Cunning.
Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Choose Best Dialogue


In the above example, in this particular dialogue, you can see that you will get 17 points for the second option if you are Slytherin. If you are Ravenclaw, the third option will give you 20 house points.

Don’t forget to check the leaderboard from time to time!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Leaderboard

From the Ranking screen, you can always check the Leaderboard. On this screen, you will see where your user stands among the other Hogwarts students (in terms of earned House Points). One neat feature that we’ve discovered are some celebrity cameo students present in the game such as Emma Watson or Maggie Smith.

By the end of year one if you are few points away of the House Cup, don’t stress out. The generous Dumbledore will give you an award of extra 100 points just for successfully finishing your first year at Hogwarts. That should be more than enough to get started more seriously in your journey.

Harry Potter Tip #5 – Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats For Boosting Your House Points (Sorted By Year)

In this Harry Potter tip, we will take a more detailed look at each year specifically for boosting your house points. The biggest takeaway here is to do ALL the side quests before finishing the chapters.

Here are some of the most important side quests that we highly recommended performing:

Year #1 (Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hacks Part #1)

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats - Year 1

  • During Chapter 7 make sure to complete these quests:
    • Meet Rowan.
    • Talk to Ben.
    • Study with Ben.
    • Attend Flying Class.
  • During Chapter 8
    • Report to Chester/Angelica/Felix/Jane.
    • Study with Rowan.
    • Duel Ben.
    • Duel Chester/Angelica/Felix/Jane.
  • During Chapter 9 make sure to complete these quests:
    • Talk to Rowan.
    • Attend the House Meeting (most important!)

Year #2 (Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hacks Part #2)

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats Year 2

  • During Chapter 3 make sure to complete these side quests:
    • Meet with Rowan.
    • Show Your Stuff.
    • Attend the House Meeting (most important!)
  • During Chapter 4 make sure to complete these side quests:
    • Talk to Penny.
    • Attend to Potions Class.
    • Defeat Penny.
    • Defeat Merula (most important!)
  • During Chapter 4 make sure to complete these side quests:
    • Visit Madam Pomfrey,
    • Get Ingredients from Snape.
    • Study Treatments.
    • Talk to Madam Pomfrey.
    • Tend to Patients.
  • During Chapter 6 make sure to help Hagrid and complete these quests:
    • Talk to Hagrid (in the Courtyard)
    • Talk to Hagrid (in the Great Hall)
    • Meet with Rowan.
    • Gather Fire Seeds.
    • Gather Lavender.
    • Gather Dragon Horns.
    • Meet Hagrid (in the Training Grounds).
    • Talk to Snape.
    • Meet Hagrid (in the Great Hall).
    • Meet Hagrid (in the Corridor).
  • Next side quests include:
    • Talking to Madam Pomfrey (part 1).
    • Researching Sleepwalk.
    • Talking to Madam Pomfrey (part 2).
    • Studying Episkey.
    • Learning Episkey.
  • After completing Part 3/4 of the Story of Chapter 8 make sure to:
    • Talk to Bill!
  • For the last Assignment you need to:
    • Appear before the completion of Sleep Walker
      • Ravenclaw: “Take Note”
      • Hufflepuff: “A Sweet Assignment”
      • Gryffindor: “Team Gryffindor”
      • Slytherin: “Severe Consequences”

Year #3 (Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hacks Part #3)

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats Year 3

  • During Chapter 1 and above make sure to:
    • Talk to Hagrid.
    • Look for Fang (Artefact Room with Ben).
    • Look for Fang (Transfiguration Classroom with Rowan).
    • Look for Fang (Potions Classroom with Penny).
    • Look for Fang (Library with Bill).
    • Meet Hagrid.
  • During Chapter 4 make sure to:
    • Meet Penny.
    • Talk to Penny (in the Great Hall).
    • Talk to Penny (in the Potions Classroom).
    • Help Penny.
  • During Chapter 7 here’s what you need to do:
    • Gather in the Courtyard (I),
    • Listen to the Speaker,
    • Gather in the Courtyard (II),
    • Talk to Rita,
    • Impress Rita in Potions Class,
    • Impress Rita in Flying Class,
    • Impress Rita in Transfiguration,
    • Gather in the Training Grounds,
    • Impress Rita in Charms Class,
    • Gather in the Great Hall.
  • The next side quests include the Bill’s Secret, so you need to:
    • Talk to Bill (part 1),
    • Meet Emily,
    • Talk to Bill (part 2).
  • The next side quests include:
    • Talking to Jane/Angelica/Felix/Chester (House Common Room) (part 1),
    • Meeting Jane/Angelica/Felix/Chester (Training Grounds),
    • Talking to Jane/Angelica/Felix/Chester (Potions Classroom),
    • Meeting Jane/Angelica/Felix/Chester (Herbology Classroom),
    • Talking to Jane/Angelica/Felix/Chester (House Common Room) (part 2).
  • The next side quests that you should perform include:
    • Talking to Angelica,
    • Searching for Clues with Nick (in the Charms Classroom),
    • Searching for Clues with Nick (in the Potions Classroom),
    • Searching for Clues with Nick (in the Artefact Room),
    • Searching for Clues with Nick (in the House Common Room),
    • Meeting Angelica again.
  • The last quests for this year include:
    • Meeting and helping Penny,
    • Searching for Ingredients,
    • Meeting Liz,
    • Brewing Polyjuice Potion,
    • Getting Snape’s Hair,
    • Finishing the Polyjuice Potion,
    • Impersonating Snape!

Year #4 (Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hacks Part #4)

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats Year 4

  • During Chapter 10 make sure to:
    • Talk to Rita Skeeter,
    • Visit Hagrid,
    • Visit Professor Kettleburn,
    • Visit Torvus in the Forest,
    • Visit the Restricted Section,
    • Meet Dumbledore.
  • During Chapter 11 make sure to:
    • Talk to Tonks,
    • Help Tonks in Herbology,
    • Visit Zonko’s with Tonks,
    • Learn a Spell With Tonks,
    • Trick Flich,
    • Meet Tonks At Night.

Year #5 (Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hacks Part #5)

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats Year 5

  • During Chapter 1 you need to “Become a Prefect!” :
    • Meet Bill in the Prefects’ Bathroom,
    • Meet Elora on the Training Grounds,
    • Meet Elora in the Artefact Room,
    • Check on Tulip’s Mischief (Care of Magical Creatures),
    • Meet the Prefects at The Three Broomsticks,
    • Go to Dumbledore’s Office to discuss punishments.
  • For the last side quest, you need to:
    • Meet Charlie (Great Hall),
    • Meet Charlie (Three Broomsticks),
    • Check in with Charlie,
    • Visit the Red Cap Hole with Charlie,
    • Work at The Three Broomsticks,
    • Work at Zonko’s,
    • Search Filch’s Office,
    • Meet Alistair,
    • Consult Hagrid,
    • Follow Hagrid.

Harry Potter Tip #6 – Earning Free Energy With The Friend Encounters

Friend encounters are another great way for earning additional free energy bars in the Harry Potter game.

The interaction with friends in the different quests can help you get more experience points and level up your friendship. As you reach higher levels, these friends will reward you with free energy (ranging from +5, +10 and sometimes even +15).

Keep in mind that not all friends that you will meet along the way in your journey will give you free energy. Some friends will give you free gems or cosmetic items.

The energy received from friends (similarly like the energy received from pets) will let you go beyond your energy limit.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats Friendships

As of the current moment of writing this extensive Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery guide, these are all possible ways where you can get free resources in the game. However, the developers are always working on new ways to get free resources in the game. So, we need to stay tuned with the latest updates and discover the new ways of acquiring additional free energy.

Facts About Using Our Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Resource Generator 2019

Before using any other online generator to hack Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery you should know that probably most of them are fake. That’s why we highly recommend to stay away from any such “hacks” that can be found as:

  • Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack android download
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These so-called Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hacks not only are FAKE and nonfunctional but also, they can be potentially harmful to your device and can seriously damage it.

Another side effect of using such Harry Potter hacks is the danger of banning your account. The developers can detect if you are using other third-party software for hacking Harry Potter game and can suspend your account.

The safest way is to run our online Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack that operates on a secured server (protected with powerful firewall). Remember that there is NO actual illegal hacking included in this process and you can be 100% safe all the time.

This is only for fun purposes and it affects NEITHER the original Harry Potter developers NOR you as the fan of the game (in any shape or form).

Our parent company guarantees that the developers and players are completely covered with an iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee.

harry potter hogwarts mystery hack gold and gems

We hope each one of you will make your house proud!

And we are here to make your journey easier. There are tons of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats, guides, tips and hacks here that will jump-start your quests.

Follow our Harry Potter tips and tricks and become the best wizard or witch the Hogwarts has ever seen!

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